*Prices are available only for 2 or more accommodation nights
Starting from € 60 / night and for extra people € 30 / night from the second person in their group who has made the reservation
Night Mon, Tue, Wed Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Pers / Ap
Price / pers Price / Ap
1 pers - 60
2 pers 45 90
3 pers 40 120
4 pers 37.5 150
* Only the apartments 2, 5 and 6 can host more than 4 persons
Pers / Ap Price / pers Price / Ap
5 pers 36 180
6 pers 35 210
7 pers 34.29 240
8 pers 33.75 270

Promotions - Special offers of august 2013 - 25% off

For a business trip or weekend relaxing and fun in the beautiful city of Timisoara take advantage of the offer of August for the Vidican georgeus apartments: 25 % off in August for large groups (at least 5 people in one apartment with minimum 3, maximum 4 double rooms). This offer includes transportation to and from the airport and...

Vidican accommodation in Timisoara for your vacation trip or business travel

Video: Accommodation Timisoara in Romania

Vidican vacation apartments are the best choice for your accommodation in Timisoara for your business travel or your holiday in the city that lies on the Bega river, either for holiday rentals or for long term stay. I provide accommodation in Timisoara in the best quality/price ratio possible, an accommodation for every budget, very cheap especially for groups of people. In these short term modern apartments you will be pleased with the comfort, peace and relaxation you cannot find in any hotel in Timisoara. The Vidican accommodation is simple better than any other hotels in Timisoara, it is the best value for money, as it provides easy access to what Timisoara has to offer for your vacation.

The newly renovated apartments are conveniently located, in the central area, only some steps away from Timisoara historical and entertainment center, my vacation flats are the perfect place for your stay on holiday, in close proximity to popular venues and great places such as Opera Square, Union Square, Iulius Mall & Auchan the biggest shopping center and University Campus, close to Timisoara night life and fine restaurants.

Videos about the history of Timisoara and some videos about fun in the best disco clubs

About Timisoara, in Romania...

Timisoara is certainly the earthly paradise where you can invest for sure and live well, where imagination ends...

In the videos below you can see both Timisoara economic development, as well as some interesting details about the history and culture of this beautiful Romanian town on the Bega river, at the crossroads between: Romania, Hungary and Yugoslavia. Due to its geographical situation, and to its mixed populations (Hungarians, Romanians, Germans, Serbs and Italians) and its vast culture borrowed from these nationalities, Timisoara stand up in Romania and in Europe by the degree of civilization and tolerance between nations, the political and economic maturity.

For relaxation and fun at weekends or during the week in the beautiful evenings of this restless city, always in movement, where life never stops either day or night, I will present here some top clubs, the sweet life of a Romanian city that is worth visiting, unique in Romania.


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