Nice deals with Vidican apartments in business visit

Hello! I’m Shared. I’m Shared Ramish, I’m from India. So, we had a business visit here, from my company, so I was looking for a good accommodation, so we searched the Internet and found, found out something called Vidican apartments and immediately called him. So, it… it.. When we call him, he gave … he gave a nice deals, and when we actually came here whatever he told was actually true, because we didn’t know, we didn’t know whether to believe, but we still, when we came here it was very good. Whatever we got promised, everything was available, and all the apartments he showed me, 3 apartments , and we just chose, chose the number 5, we just really like it first and it’s like a two bedroom apartment, and it was, it was pretty good and we had a very nice stay, and also it was a very, very particular, very particular and correct on all the billing and everything, so we didn’t had any problem and we had a lot of flexibility. We had to travel a bit in Germany, so he took care of some of our luggage, also, and he was real flexible and he was real good host during all the 6 weeks, so we had a nice time staying here and we definitely will appreciate staying again. In case you want to. We’ll just come back, so thank you, thanks, Marius. - Ok, negotiator.