Book an holiday apartment it's much better than hotel rooms

6 reasons you should choose to rent short term luxury apartments instead of a hotel:

  • At decenthotels in Timisoara the prices vary between 45 - 70 euros/ person ( single ), but for my apartments it does not go beyond euros 20 - 35 per person for rent (see the prices/ tariffs table);
  • In hotels you generally have a room and a bathroom, so you must have lunch in town, in restaurants, which requires other additional costs, while in my apartments you have a living room and a full-accessory kitchen, a more comfortable space;
  • If you want to have privacy/peace, simply: “company”, the apartmentis the best choice to avoid control documents at hotel reception and certain uncomfortable or embarrassing situations for your friend -  the company;
  • In all of the 6 apartments you'll find a good broadband wireless connection at no extra cost, 24 hours a day and all for you; no need to share it with the other guests as you do at the hotel;
  • Most of 4 stars hotels in Timisoara are not situated downtown and thus you must allocate extra cost for the taxi. This is not a problem if you rent my apartments because they are all located downtown;
  • If you stay in my holidayapartments you can do whatever you want, even ask friends to have "company" without further explanation. I believe that this choice is the best for your psychological comfort, peace and rest.

In conclusion, you should better book with my a serviced apartment than go for a hotel.