House a very low cost with all the facilities, perfect bills and the stay according very flexible

Hello, I’m Shared, coming from India. I stayed here in Timisoara for 6 weeks. And indeed I was looking for an accommodation and at first I was looking for the hotel, and it was too costly and, for me at least, I need a house, so I found out Marius, and Marius has very good 6 apartments in his control and this apartment, this apartment number 5 is very good in terms of the facilities, the… the Internet connection, the TV, everything, all the facilities are there. Even the kitchen is well equipped you don’t have to take anything from your home for the cooking here, so Marius is providing everything, even the tissue pack also, so you don’t have to buy anything, everything is coming at a very low cost and I prefer everybody to stay here because one thing is Marius is very flexible about the stays and he will modify your stay according to your needs, and he’ll provide the bills, perfect bills, because he’s also very, very careful about the bills because he has to pay his taxes and … and … and the apartment location is also very good, it’s right in the center of Twain Chapels. And you have everything available at … at your door. I prefer to stay at Vidican accommodation. Thank you.