I love the place from Marius (Vidican apartments), I had a really wonderful week in Timisoara city

- All right. We’ve just finished a really wonderful week here in Timisoara. I had never been to Timisoara before. Romania, yes, but not Timisoara. We think it’s just a lovely town. The center of the city is small enough to walk around and big enough, it has everything you want, and our apartment is maybe a 5 minute ride, donw taxi from the down town area. So we don’t even, we don’t even mass with the buses because it only costs 1,5 euros to go in town from here. And outside the apartment, everything you need, bakery, coffee bar, mini, mini supermarket, money exchange, good restaurant, the Tony’s one of the best restaurants in town. And you will love the places here.
- Yea. You will love the places from Doctor Marius Vidican.
- Yes. Everything here is half a route cost, than Vienna. We come to Budapest every year, sometimes we go to Vienna, this year we were thinking about Salzburg, but I have to put a cost, I said, let’s go in the other direction, to Romania. We can afford that. Retired, I can’t afford Salzburg. So, we had a great time, nice apartment, nice area, lovely town, it should be more popular with tourists, but … we found one tourist shop and we didn’t see any other tourist. I think there might have been a few. I’ve heard some German beings. It’s not, not a tourist place. It’s not like … the thieves are at every corner try to sell you something. Right now, in the harder down town there’s a big square all kinds of little food selling, and all kinds of tourists
- Like an Easter market.
- Yea, it’s not …. Not many tourist. Actually we’ve said that. It’s just little things for, wooden toys, little dollars fifty, pushed toys for the infants and the …all kinds of …