Videos about the history of Timisoara and some videos about fun in the best disco clubs

About Timisoara, in Romania...

Timisoara is certainly the earthly paradise where you can invest for sure and live well, where imagination ends...

In the videos below you can see both Timisoara economic development, as well as some interesting details about the history and culture of this beautiful Romanian town on the Bega river, at the crossroads between: Romania, Hungary and Yugoslavia. Due to its geographical situation, and to its mixed populations (Hungarians, Romanians, Germans, Serbs and Italians) and its vast culture borrowed from these nationalities, Timisoara stand up in Romania and in Europe by the degree of civilization and tolerance between nations, the political and economic maturity.

Timisoara in motion, history, culture and economic development

Timisoara is the city of the 1989 anti-communist revolution, the first city free of communism in Romania in which people took to the streets and stood bravely against Ceausescu's dictatorial regime. This European city is the city of parks and flowers that decorate the landscape and that you can see wherever you turn your eyes. Timisoara is the second largest city after the capital of Romania and it is said to be the largest academic center with numerous universities attended by tens of thousands of students. This is the westernmost city in Romania and the first with electric lighting in Europe.

People who arrive here on business from all over the world can be sure they make safe property investment in Timisoara, buying houses, apartments and land because our currency will be the € starting with 2015. The rest can be deduced by itself for those who understand this phenomenon, a good real estate moment. Tourists can see Timisoara as a next city in their lives, this is because here you can live very well in all respects, and you can convince yourself of this if you ever get here.

Timisoara, the city with many women and beautiful girls (onlly place in the country with 4-5 girls for every guy)

Disco club Heaven Studio, the best girls in the city of Timisoara

Timisoara Nightlife in the disco clubs

For relaxation and fun at weekends or during the week in the beautiful evenings of this restless city, always in movement, where life never stops either day or night, I will present here some top clubs, the sweet life of a Romanian city that is worth visiting, unique in Romania.