House a very low cost with all the facilities, perfect bills and the stay according very flexible

Hello, I’m Shared, coming from India. I stayed here in Timisoara for 6 weeks. And indeed I was looking for an accommodation and at first I was looking for the hotel, and it was too costly and, for me at least, I need a house, so I found out Marius, and Marius has very good 6 apartments in his control and this apartment, this apartment number 5 is very good in terms of the facilities, the… the Internet connection, the TV, everything, all the facilities are there.

Nice deals with Vidican apartments in business visit

Hello! I’m Shared. I’m Shared Ramish, I’m from India. So, we had a business visit here, from my company, so I was looking for a good accommodation, so we searched the Internet and found, found out something called Vidican apartments and immediately called him. So, it… it.. When we call him, he gave … he gave a nice deals, and when we actually came here whatever he told was actually true, because we didn’t know, we didn’t know whether to believe, but we still, when we came here it was very good.

I’m coming to the Continental factory and I stay good in the Vidican apartments

Hello! I’m Falid Sammy and I’m from India. I’m coming to the Continental factory. I stay in the Doctor Vidican apartments. It’s nice, kitchen, kind bedrooms, bathrooms. Everything’s nice, good. I recommend that everybody to take it and stay good. Ok.

The best accommodation in the city and the great parties here

-Yea. We came here as Steve’s getting married. So we looked on the Internet and we found some very nice apartments here. Doctor Marius Vidican was the owner. We contact him, he gave us a very good cost. You cannot find anything better here in Timisoara to stay. It’s the best accommodation here in the city. And they, my partners here, I see everything you want, he can tell you about his having a great parties here.

Doctor Marius Vidican is available [24/7], high quality apartments, one of the best in the city

My name is Adrian, I’m from New York. I’ve been to this place so many times before so I do like it. I’ll definitely coming back again. Doctor Marius Vidican is one of my friends and he’s available [24/7]. You guys can appeal to him any time. See, he’s one of the best in the city, so I do recommend him with high quality and kindness. Thanks.


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